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We combine stunning web design with highly effective online marketing

Dominate your industry online with a stylish, high-performance, cost-effective website with a focus on return on investment. 

Most web designers know how to build you a website, but few know how to help build your business. Whether you want a simple website of a few pages to refer clients to, or a comprehensive multi-website solution that helps you dominate on Google, we have a solution suitable to your requirements.

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Some of our web design services include:


• Developing a brand new, high value website for your business
• Upgrading your current web design
• Transferring your website onto a powerful platform for in-house website updating, lead tracking, email marketing and more
• Comprehensive strategies to ensure your website is highly visible on the major search engines

The key benefit to trusting your website’s design to us is that we are business-focused and use our knowledge of web marketing to your advantage to maximise your return on investment.

A professional online presence to attract new customers

Starting from $400, you receive:

• A custom design based around your business’ identity or corporate image that reflects the nature of your business
• Up to 10 pages of information (or more if you need additional pages)
• The ability to edit the website yourself the wordpress platform
• An enquiry form with an autoresponder
• Up to 10 email address
• A domain name recommendation from our consultants


Additional functionalities may include:

• Newsletter subscription forms to build your mailing list
• Email newsletter templates for broadcasting special offers
• Frequently asked question (FAQ) pages to retain visitors on your website longer
• News announcement sections to update your website’s home page automatically


“Custom” need not mean “expensive”. We are competitively priced, and in some instances up to 90% cheaper than our nearest competitors. Coupled with our extensive knowledge of web marketing strategies, these websites will have your company at the forefront of your industry online.

Featured Website Designs


Apex Digital Marketing Agency Melbourne


Some search engines also have refused to be employed by SEO businesses and their blatant inappropriate methods for marketing their clientele. When making your own website from scratch you have to make certain it is intended to work nicely with the search engines. Much like people, search engines skim your content to get the most critical parts first. From that time, the search engine would attempt to gather relevant links and information about the site or URL. Should you use a college textbook search engine, you do have to continue in mind that a few of these programs give you the incorrect book.

If a web site is discovered to use Spamming techniques as a way to secure more people to visit their site, that site might be banned from the search engine’s list. Within this era of tight competition it will become difficult for the little business website to create the most possible revenue.

It’s also wise to submit your site to different search engine directories such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, and others. Our site provides assistance about how to obtain traffic, how to boost traffic, and the way to assist you in making your site become a higher ranked site online! The site must show up in the list of search engines so the on-line users can come to understand about your goods and services. By means of Joomla, you can make the site search engine friendly.

SEO let’s you see all the things in excellent details because of the fantastic analytic tools out there. The best method to understand SEO is to return and study from the start.

SEO plays a crucial role in online marketing. Ethical SEO is in various ways just like the internet development that incites accessibility.

Having it will make certain that the websites will acquire high traffic and plenty of visitors. The site needs to be attractive. The site should be simple to navigate. Merely having website doesn’t mean that the business will flow in automatically. There are a number of websites on the net and the majority of them similar sort of layout.

Your internet site plays a vital role within the evolution and profitability of your organization. Setting up and keeping your internet site isn’t in any way difficult, and if there’s anything you should learn you can find out all you need to understand on the world wide web. Just because you are aware that your web website is great, it doesn’t signify that everyone else does.

You need others to really become familiar with you so they would care to get acquainted with your website. It’s not going to place your site in the danger of getting blacklisted and doesn’t violate any search engine SEO guidelines. Although there are usually many ways for someone to design your own web site, getting your website developed by means of an expert will supply you with tons of advantages.

Website Design & Development

Does your website need a major overhaul?

Your website is a major reflection of your business to potential new customers. A tired, out of date website reflects badly and can be costing you thousands in lost business!
We perform professional website upgrades at affordable prices. Upgrading the design of a website is a relatively quick, painless process which takes just a few weeks, not months. Assuming that the content on your website is not going to change drastically during the upgrade, we can re-skin your website in a process much like walking into a beauty salon and walking out looking a million dollars!

• A website design customised to match your business’ logo and colour scheme
• Up to 5 pages of information (or more if you need additional pages)
• The ability to edit the website yourself on our MySuperWeb platform
• An enquiry form with an autoresponder
• Up to 10 email address
• A domain name recommendation from our consultants


E-Commerce Web Design

Utilise the latest online storefront technology

With a range of e-commerce solutions to choose from, we can make your products available for purchasing online in no time, starting from just $4,500.

Whether it is a pre-packaged solution to keep the cost down or a fully customised online ordering system, our team of website developers can have you selling online with a professionally developed e-commerce solution, sooner than you think:
• Paypal & eWay setup and integration (we can integrate with all major merchant accounts)
• Secure order form setup with SSL encryption
• Fully customisable shopping-cart solutions
• Secure email facilities for receiving credit card orders

How it Works

Concepts, Revisions, and Payments?

Concepts – are the preliminary works created by the designer. These designs are based on the brief that the client has filled out and any discussions that were had. They can also be based on a template (pre-made design which is customized).

Revisions – are a list of changes that the client would like to see in the concept designs. For example, say you have a logo designed but would like the text to be a different size, the color to be changed, part of the design rotated, etc. You would fill out a Revision Sheet, listing all the changes you would like.

A Revision Sheet will be found in your Box workspace. One Revision Sheet for each Concept. A Revision Set is for ONE concept only.
Payments- are made online and in stages. You will receive your invoice via email. Paypal is an online invoicing service that will generate your proposal, invoice, and enable you to pay online

straight from the invoice using Paypal or credit card. You will also be able to view your payment history from the Paypal account. Your first invoice will have a payment for the first stage(generally the concept stage), then the invoice will be ammended to include the next stage, resent, and so on until all outstanding payments are made.

GPS Application Reviews

GPS is a true blessing for the entire population of hikers and travelers, who are tired of carrying maps and compasses to find their way to their dream destinations. Rather than using a paper map and a compass, for more than 20 years we are addicted to handling GPS for finding our route to anywhere we are heading to. Generally, there are many GPS apps, working with the exact same features and preferences, while, there are also some GPS apps that will change the perspective you have on GPS applications.
Some of the GPS apps viewed and listen below, are truly amazing and almost flawless, while other apps are free with solid features and are completely functional.


Sygic GPS application is unique as you can use all maps whether you are disconnected from internet or offline. This feature is greatly adopted by various GPS apps, as Sygic GPS is different, in a way that it helps you use all maps while you are offline. This feature also has other neat features, to make it your first option.

In case, if you are having trouble with finding your way by following standard GPS flat maps, Sygic GPS app provides you a thrilling offer to overview any map in 3D orientation.


Navmii, is a completely free GPS application, once known as Navfree. Navmii is not just a new name to an old application but it also has many new, updated features, so you can enjoy friendly design and more functional interface with updated maps and real traffic reports. New features make GPS orientation even easier than it was with the previous version. Old features of this application are still available like voice navigation along with using your app, even while you are offline.

Copilot GPS

Copilot is one of the oldest apps in the market but now is available at the peak of its improved existence, with new added features and appearing as an extra friendly application. The old version, during its time, had been through more than few updates. You can get Copilot for free, just as Sygic is offering free app version but with every extra feature to be paid.


this is a great option for those on a budget, but still want all the features of an enterprise system.

Which App to Choose?

While choosing the best GPS app for Android, Windows, and iOS, the most important thing to look for at GPS app, is to have all features with easiest, operable navigation. All inclusive features are always the good thing to have, so you might want to download an app that offers everything you need, in a single package, without additional purchases needed.
Another important, handy, additional feature at GPS tracking apps is where you can see navigation and gets turn by turn instructions, even when offline, as you can use your maps without downloading them, especially without network package or when you are unable to use Wi-Fi. If you are planning a hiking adventure, you better make sure your GPS app can, in fact, work offline, otherwise, it’s pretty much unless you download that maps you need.